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MSU Publications Guide

Attract More Wildlife Through Timber Management p1446

Attracting Butterflies

Attracting Hummingbirds

Native Shrubs for Mississippi Landscapes p2334  
Native Trees for Mississippi Landscapes p2330 Establishing Native Habitats for Mississippi Native Pollinators
  Natural Resource Enterprises Wildlife and Recreation -- Mississippi Recreational Gardens -- Establishing a Backyard Wildlife Habitat p2402
Know Your Trees p0146 Winter Tree Identification 2011 Workshop-Crosby Arboretum species

Home Landscape Design p2698

Selecting Landscape Plants p0666

Espalier Shrubs and Trees p456

Growing Your Own Oak Seedlings p2421

Selecting Landscape or Indoor Plants (a pictorial) p2640 Tree Seedling Planting Guide p0160
  Planting Southern Pines p1776

Native Warm-Season Grass Restoration in Mississippi p2435 Wildflowers for Mississippi Meadows and Gardens p1709
Ornamental Grasses for the Midsouth Landscape p2532 Mississippi's 10 Worst Invasive Weeds m1194

Annual and Perennial Flowers for Mississippi Gardens p1826

Foresty/Wildlife Myths and Misconceptions p1612

Fruit and Nut Recommendations for Mississippi p0966

MSU Snake Identification Search Tool

Mulches for the Landscape p2301 Organic and Inorganic Fertilzers and Materials for the Home Gardener p2572
Longleaf Pine in Mississippi p2201 MSU Tree Identification Search Tool

Forestry Terms for Mississippi Landowners p1250

Preserving Trees in Construction Sites p2339

Forest Management Alternatives for Private Landowners p1337

Making a Tree Scale Stick p1686

  Mississippi ISA Certified Arborist List

Plant Analysis Sampling Instruction p1224


Insect Pests of the Home Vegetable Garden p2347

When Will a Prescribed Burn Help My Pine Stand? p2262

Identifying and Controlling the Southern Pine Bark Beetles p2448

Living With Fire: a Guide for Mississippi Homeowners p2315

Soil pH and Tree Species Suitability for Mississippi p2311


Soil pH for Landscape Plants p2571  
  Archived documents from The Crosby Arboretum

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